The Alice Armchair by Jacopo Foggini is Pure Light and Color

 - Sep 25, 2011
References: edra &
Jacopo Foggini is an Italian artist and designer known for his unique way of working with metacrylate to create luminous, surprising and chromatic design objects like the Alice Armchair commissioned by the interior design brand Edra.

The Alice armchair is stunning because at first glance it looks more like a contemporary glass statue -- fragile, intricate and organic. Since it was created using translucent plastic cords, however, it is absolutely stable and solid. The play of lights is achieved with the help of a light source under the chair (an integral part of the design) and with the fantastic technique Jacopo Foggini uses to mold metacrylate.

Foggini started to experiment and work with this material in the 90s, and he soon invented his own machine that enables him to "blend metacrylate into a temperature of two hundred volcanic centigrades, transforming it into a thick thread which he then molds with his hands producing labyrinths of light, rare luminous objects that lie between art and design," as his website explains.