The Fuckiro Table by Enzyma is Elegant and Trippy

 - May 2, 2012
The Fuckiro Table by Enzyma is the Milan-based design studio's latest creation, intended to be either a side or end table. Reminiscent of a bionic jellyfish, the surface rests atop a cluster of thin stems. The stalks of the table reflect the LED light that is emitted from the surface's bottom, creating an array of "acid splinters" which add some vibrancy to the surrounding darkness.

The surface of the Fuckiro Table is made out of lacquered wood and is a perfect size and shape to balance one's bedside accessories -- books, dentures, glasses, etc.

While the functionality of the design ensures that the table retains its purpose, the contemporary outline and fluctuating allure makes it a beautiful collaboration between psychedelic and elegance.

Pictures courtesy of Enzyma