The D.k Light is Adaptable to Your Desired Arrangement

 - Jul 23, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
A light fixture can generally be considered a table lamp, a standing lamp or perhaps a pendant lamp, but seldom a combination of these. The D.k Light, however, boasts the capacity to conform to a variety of such strict classifications.

Five separate wooden segments threaded with a cable allow it accomplish this, encouraging flexibility in form determined by the tautness of the cord. When fixed tightly, the rectangular spine stands tall and rigid, fastened firmly in place by a vice attached to a table. A subtle loosening of the wire allows the straight structure to sag, creating a delicate curve despite the fragmented column. Simon Evrard's adaptable design for the D.k Light even allows the user to space the blocks out sparsely, using simply the end as a sort of flashlight.