Academy of Fine Art and Design's Students Design Oddball Lamps

 - Mar 29, 2011
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It's amazing how limitless lighting designs can be, which the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia demonstrates in this fun student project that extended over their winter semester. Essentially, these students were asked to design a lamp with no boundaries, not even for material or sizing. Each lamp created was as bizarre and quirky as the next.

For her Academy of Fine Art and Design light project, Viktoria Fedorkovicova designed a lamp that was inspired by Harold E. "Doc" Edgerton's iconic photo titled Bullet Through Apple. Although it looks nothing like an apple, the bullet is clearly noticeable. I especially like the overall cartoonish feel of it.

Stefan Nosko took a more conceptual approach with Reliquary, which takes the form of a 'contemporary relic' made out of computer parts.