From Upcycled Wooden Mobile Chairs to Industrial Pipe Bookshelves

 - Jul 10, 2013
The cost of decorating your home interior with the latest styles and furnishings can often cost a fortune, but these creatively upcycled furniture designs are showcasing how homeowners can turn ordinary products into useful pieces of decor.

While purchasing a new couch or bookshelf from a department store is definitely an easy way to decorate your home, building one made from ordinary household items or recycled materials serves to add a unique and original touch to the item. Perfect for those looking to incorporate some eco-friendly methods into their interior design, these upcycled furniture pieces will definitely save some costs through its sustainable methods.

From outdoor benches made from vintage car scraps to coffee tables creatively made from computer parts, these upcycled furniture designs will surely add an eclectic and eye-catching touch to any room of your home.