The Binary Chair is Made from Salvaged Computer Components

 - Apr 19, 2011
References: brcdesigns & technabob
The Binary Chair from BRC is the perfect complement to the Binary Table, also created by BRC. The Binary Chair comes in two styles, a lounger and an armchair, and is made entirely out of salvaged computer parts.

The Binary Chair looks more like a work of art than a functional piece of furniture, which isn't necessarily bad. The rough edges of the circuit boards and the pointy wires don't look very comfortable to sit on, but I love how BRC is encouraging e-waste upcycling as opposed to recycling. While recycling your e-waste sounds like a safe bet, recycled computers often end up in the landfills of third world countries, polluting their water and soil. Designs like the Binary Chair and Table keep these highly hazardous components out of landfills and look damn cool, even if they're a little uncomfortable. Might I suggest using an upcycled mouse pad and seat cushions as well?