The Banco Raquete Reuses Discarded Sporting Equipment to Form a Unique Seat

 - Apr 17, 2013
Designer Fernanda Paes Barretto demonstrates that it isn't necessary to construct a piece of furniture from basic components, but rather that you can sculpt a chair, for instance, from objects that might have previously served another purpose. The Banco Raquete is a quirky little stool that has been successfully assembled from discarded tennis rackets.

One of the three has been plucked of its strings, but otherwise kept in its original form. The other two have been bent 90 degrees at their necks and jointed together at their handles. Mirroring each other, this pair of racquets is bound together with easy-grip tape. The third piece of equipment that makes up the Banco Raquete has been attached diagonally, functions as a small backrest and structural support.