The Recycled Chair-Sofa is Modular and Eco-Friendly

 - May 12, 2011
References: studio-stephanschulz & fastcodesign
Constantly losing stuff beneath your couch cushions? No? Well, it is going to happen eventually, which is why you should definitely give the Recycling Chair-Sofa a once-over. The Recycling Chair-Sofa is an eco-friendly upcycled sofa designed by Stephan Schulz and made from old foam.

The foam sections of the Recycling Chair-Sofa are connected via cables letting you mix and match sections to your heart's desire. In the likely event that you lose something beneath the foam you can can simply separate the sofa piece by piece.

While the comfort factor can be debated, the Recycling Chair-Sofa scores major points for its eco-friendly and inventive design. If only this design could be applied to car seats. I have easily lost $20 in change in my front seat alone.