From Contemporary Quilted Loungers to Quilt-Couch Hybrids

 - Dec 18, 2013
These lovely quilted furnishings are offering some unique ways to add some creative homemade touches to your interior space.

While quilted items are traditionally associated with blankets that have been put together from scraps of different material, quilted furnishings showcases designs that offer a cushiony support, making these items much more comfortable to rest on. Adding a layer of artistic quality as well as some homemade knitted inspirations, these unique quilted furnishings will definitely add a wonderfully creative touch to any home. From quirky quilted couches to cross-stitched seating and cozy sofa sets, these quilted furnishings will definitely add a homey feeling to any interior space.

Perfect for those who enjoy the appearance of knitted furnishings and cozy designs, these quilted furniture pieces will surely make any home feel much more comfy and relaxing.