Canape Ruche by Inga Sempe Looks Like Blanket-Covered Seating

Canape Ruche by Inga Sempe is a minimalist wooden sofa with a quilted mattress cover. Although its clean lines and neat alignment are immaculate, the seating design brings to mind a favorite winter blanket tossed atop a plain wooden chair.

Inga Sempe created the Canape Ruche for Ligne Roset. It features a few different customizations; the sofa can be altered to accommodate two or three people, offer a tablette on the left or ride side, and personalized with the customer's choice of finishes and mattress colors.

The Canape Ruche by Inga Sempe is a modern take on a traditional form of seating. The quilted mattress covering provides an air of comfort and whimsy, while the beech wood frame maintains the minimalist aesthetic.