The Carbon Chair by Aeron Tozier Screams Sleek and Modern

 - May 21, 2011
References: tozierltd & khuyi.tumblr
The Carbon Chair designed by Aeron Tozier is hyper-modern, from its design to its choice of materials. The Carbon Chair is made with carbon fiber and resin-coated brass; the leather used for the chair's cushion is consistent with the contemporary feel created by the design.

The Carbon Chair is built so that you can put your legs up, and it brings to mind the type of chair that you would find in a psychiatrist's office. Its dark charcoal color would would great in just about any room. What I really like the chair is the geometry of the seat; the angles feel bold and elegant.

The Carbon Chair is an exquisite design that is sure to be a topic of conversation in any room.