The Panorama Sofa Offers a Whimsically Tight Contemporary Texture

 - Sep 6, 2012
The big and billowy surface of traditional tufted chesterfields has been adapted to suit contemporary tastes in the Panorama Sofa. The upholstery is made of a luxurious and taught leather to produce an effect that is particularly appealing.

What makes Andrei Otet's design so modern is the playful scaling down of the cushy gridded surface into a tight-knit reticulation. Furthermore, it's been manufactured in a strikingly minimalist bright white. Its form certainly divulges its inspiration from elegant vintage furnishings, yet another feature grounds it in the 21st century. The stabilizing and ornate four-footed base of the Panorama Sofa is made from colorful acrylic material that exudes a visually stimulating presence not found in many antique pieces.