The Roadie Collection by Karpenter is Durable and Sustainable

 - Mar 23, 2012
References: karpenter & trendir
The Roadie Collection by Karpenter is the company's latest line of interior design/storage unit decor. The pieces are crafted out of recycled teak wood, giving the collection an industrial and modern appeal while still embracing elements of the natural.

Staying true to the company's mantra, the Roadie Collection by Karpenter is "innovative while respecting what is classic." Inspired by the durability and grandeur of ancient Italian carpentry and architecture, all the items are made with wood-to-wood connections, fitted with absolute precision and strength.

All of the items in Karpenter's Roadie Collection are equipped with wheels as to make redecorating less of an exhausting endeavor. The chests and shelving units that comprise this impressive new line by the Italian-based designers are beautiful, eco-friendly, quality products guaranteed to maintain integrity while complementing your interior decor.