Dan Riordan Turns Photographer's Tools Into Objets d'Art

 - Mar 20, 2011
References: etsy & psfk
If you're looking to get a unique gift for your photographer friend, I suggest these amazing vintage camera lamps by Dan Riordan. Riordan has transformed art-producing devices into practical pieces that can stand alone as art.

Chicago-based designer Dan Riordan was inspired one day to transform his Polaroid Land Camera 95A into a lamp; since then, he has converted numerous other retro cameras into lighting fixtures. These handcrafted, LED-powered lights are priced at $150, a great deal considering not only the work Dan Riordan puts into them, but also how original each one is.

The lights are available on Dan Riordan’s C.E. Cork Lighting Co. store on Etsy.