Linda Allen's Live.Anywhere Lamps are Conveniently Portable

While computer and other high-tech companies continue to make the world a more wireless one, I never considered applying this idea to other industries until stumbling upon the Live.Anywhere lamps. If gadget and other techie device wires are expected to be wire-free, shouldn't the same be expected from our furniture pieces?

Designed by Linda Allen, the Live.Anywhere lamps do not just bring the convenience of wireless lighting fixtures, they also allow for easy and convenient portability. The Live.Anywhere lamps can essentially live anywhere, hence its name.

Impressively, Allen had to invent the technology to allow the Live.Anywhere lamps to function as stand-alone lights. She redesigned the LED bulb to 7 watts, which emulates the power of a 50-watt bulb. The Live.Anywhere lamps are also rechargeable and waterproof, and can reside indoors or outdoors.