This Lighting Project by Toby Fox Contains Removable Glowing Beans for Portable Use

 - Jan 20, 2012
References: coroflot & earthtechling
Most lamps are not designed to be moved. They function most effectively when installed in the ceiling or rested firmly on either a floor or a table's surface. This Energy Efficient Lighting Project by Toby Fox challenges this inflexible convention with a fixture that invites interaction and thrives when it's pulled apart.

Sitting like peas in a pod -- literally -- four light pebbles are nestled snugly into a long neoprene case. They can sit so that they beam directly out of the concave curve of the object or they can be inserted into the convex top for a diffuse illuminating effect.

The key here is that the oblong light globes can be removed and replaced, so much so that they continue to glow when withdrawn and used as mobile reading lights. The pliant base of the Energy Efficient Lighting Project by Toby Fox acts as a charging station, doubling as a handy table lamp with its pebbles inside.