The Scott Musgrove 'Walktopus' is an Enormous Light-Up Octopus

As if taken right from a merchant from Pirates of the Caribbean, the Scott Musgrove 'Walktopus' sculpture is a highly detailed octopus made from clay that can feature working lamps. This highly intricate piece is five feet in height and is masked in bronze to give it a solid, shiny appeal without taking away from its design. The octopus stands on a tree stump on a few of its tentacles with the rest in the air and its head is perked towards the heavens as if searching for something. The lanterns are to be held around the octopus, providing light along its journey and providing light for whatever room it finds itself in.

The Scott Musgrove Walktopus lantern sculpture can be found at the Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica being cast as part of the Juxtapoz Turns 18 show.