The Shining Light Floor Lamps Brings Child Games into the Grownup World

There is no better way to hold onto childhood than by surrounding oneself with items that are reminiscent of it, like the Shining Light floor lamps. These unique light fixtures play on the shadow games children would play with a simple flashlight, little fingers and big imaginations.

Created by Michael Rösing in collaboration with Dennis Thies, the Shining Light floor lamps feature two-dimensional sculptures that are affixed to the stand directly in front of the lightbulb. When the light shines, it casts a clear shadow on the wall.

Although the Shining Light lamps are the grownup versions of the shadow puppets from our childhood, the images are still rather playful. The Drunkard version is particularly funny.

The Shining Light floor lamps made their debut during this year's Dwell on Design show.