The LampFire by Tom Bendkovski is Made for the Outdoors

 - May 24, 2012
References: yankodesign
The LampFire by Tom Bendkovski is modeled after a bonfire. Unlike the similarly dubbed Lampfire Urban Camping Fixture, this design is not as minimalist and abstract. It is also made for outdoor use. By blatantly embracing its inspiration, the outdoor lamp will make people gathered around it feel almost as though they were huddling near a real camp fire.

Comprised of three separate torches, the LampFire by Tom Bendkovski looks like it is made up of tree branches. Each torch even has nubs and notches just like said branches, except that these ones fit perfectly into each other to create a sturdy pyramid. When separated, the torches act as handy, portable flashlights that can be used when heading to the bathroom or back to the car in the dark.