The LWS Lightworm 02 Lamp is Featherweight and Flexible

 - Mar 18, 2012
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The LWS Lightworm 02 lamp is simple and squiggly, just like an actual worm. Its wriggling form offers both a pleasing aesthetic and a high functionality. Not only is it a featherweight light fixture, its body is completely flexible, which allows it to be adjusted in a multitude of ways.

Designed by Walter Vogels Tecnolumen for Raum and Projekt, the LWS Lightworm 02 lamp is made out of a metal tube. The toggle switch is located on the inside of the top part of the lamp. The bulb itself looks burnt. The blackened top of the bulb diffuses the bright illumination in place of a traditional lampshade. The LWS Lightworm 02 lamp is available in two colors, black or nickel.