The Extracted Love Lamp Incorporates Anatomy Into Interior Decor

 - Jun 17, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
It's always been rare to find such a quirky object that meets contemporary standards of tasteful design, but the last generation has welcomed a number of unusual items into stylish living spaces, and the Extracted Love Lamp is definitely one of these.

Nadia Anochie was inspired from nature, as many great designers are, and she chose the form of this lighting fixture from within the human body itself, the form of the heart. Thanks to its eccentric shape, this compelling creation can act as both a floor lamp and as a table lamp, as it rests in countless different positions, balancing on is peculiar arterial protrusions.

The Extracted Love Lamp is sure to achieve what its creator envisioned and function as a conversation piece. Its ability to draw stares from various unique perspectives encourages observers to consider it carefully.