Lukas Peet's Table Lights Shield Our Eyes From Glares

 - Aug 17, 2011
References: lukaspeet & fastcodesign
Although there has been a growing appreciation for incandescent light bulbs (because, like books, they seem to be a dying breed), Lukas Peet’s Table Lights collection addresses an important criticism of these most recent redesigns. Instead of hiding them beneath lampshades, these newly artistic light bulbs have been bared for all to see, but that results in an uncomfortable glare.

Lukas Peet’s Table Lights offer an interesting solution. He has covered half of the bulbs with a mirror-like finish to shield our eyes from any unpleasant glares while also producing some stunning effects. Lukas Peet’s Spectacular model, for instance, is inspired by the reflections and rays of light, which are intensified by his strategic placement of this mirror finish. Lukas Peet’s Diffuse model, on the other hand, creates a softer illumination.