Buckybars Provide Desktop Sculptural Amusement

 - Jul 9, 2012
References: getbuckyballs & nymag
The dreaded office slump blues become a thing of the past with Buckybars, a magnetic sculptural construction set.

These magnetic rods allow for optimal flexibility in the creative process of creating mini three-dimensional forms. When paired with the 'Buckyballs' joint structures, the possibilities for various chromatic arrangements become countless. The 36 one-inch bars are perfect for amassing a collection of sleek sculptural configurations.

Create "a magnet log cabin, a shiny ski slope, a geometric necklace -- while keeping you awake on that otherwise nod-inducing conference call," suggests the New York Times.

The Buckyballs set of rare earth magnet rods are perfectly useful for getting creativity to flow when a mid-day funk is getting you down.