- Dec 21, 2013
Any parent who doesn't mind spending a little more than average for their bundles of joy will definitely want to check out these extravagant children's toys, which features classic playthings with a modern and expensive edge.

Constantly purchasing new and improved toys for children can already be quite the expensive task, but these extravagant children's toys are taking things to a whole other level by featuring items that are more fit for millionaires than tiny toddlers. Perfect for anyone looking to get their kids a head start on living the luxurious life, these extravagant children's toys will surely spoil any little tot with lavishly over-the-top accessories.

From miniature sports cars to blinged-out Barbie dolls and designer teddy bears, these lavish children's toys will definitely satisfy anyone with a taste for high-end products.

From $9,000 Plush Toys to Hot Rods for Kids: