The Hublot Sled is a Handcrafted Carbon-Fiber Snowsport Masterpiece

 - Feb 11, 2011   Updated: Aug 11 2011
References: hublot & bornrich
The Hublot Sled is the an unlikely, but not unwelcome combination of Hublot's continued commitment to creating products of unrivaled luxury.

Combining hand-sewn leather, carbon fiber, steel and ash wood, the Hublot Sled is a joint creation from Hublot and Ecal, the Lausanne University of Art and Design. As is the case with so many of Hublot's most luxurious creations, production of the Hublot Sled is to be confined to just ten units.

Implications - Products that attempt to demand steep price tags should consider the important ened to back up such products with quality materials. As this sled uses handcrafted carbon-fiber it can get away with demanding an extra penny from consumers.