The Magnetie is Cleverly Designed to Keep You Looking Dapper

 - Oct 28, 2012
References: gizmodo
Offering an ingenious alternative to tie clips, the Magnetie is here to ensure the underside of your neck piece always stays in place.

For years, businessmen and males heading to special events have fought a never ending battle to maintain the pristine appearance of their neckties. In their struggle, they've tried everything to keep their tie pieces in check from gaudy tie clips, to the flip tuck technique, to the infamous shirt stuff. But each of these methods comes with its own set of drawbacks and so men are forced to search for increasingly innovative and subtle ways to wear ties. However, that search might finally be over thanks to the solution offered by the Magnetie.

At first glance, the Magnetie looks like any other neck tie, but hidden within the fabric are tiny magnets that cause the two tails to attract one another so they never separate! As if that weren't enough, the Magnetie is also reversible featuring a pattern on one side and a solid color on the other. That way, if you happen to spill some sweet and sour sauce on it over lunch, you can just flip it around and head straight to your power meeting with that Fortune 500 client.