Buckycubes are Entertaining and Impossible to Put Down

 - Sep 13, 2011
References: getbuckyballs & youtube
Everyone gets bored sitting at their desk sometimes, and an easy, entertaining toy would do wonders for productivity, which is where Buckycubes come in. The tiny magnetic trinkets are able to bend and snap into whatever shape you desire. Each one is made up of 125 rare earth magnet cubes that are surprisingly powerful for their size.

Like the website explains, you can: "Bend 'em. Fold 'em. Slide 'em. Glide 'em. Stack 'em to the ceiling, build buildings, or simply fidget for fun. Watch new dimensions unfold as each cube snaps into place just the way you want it to. How fun is that?"

Buckycubes are sure to be a hit among people of all ages who, like myself, tend to concentrate and work more efficiently when there is an object around to fidget with.