The Shake MP3 Player

 - Jul 31, 2008
References: coroflot & yankodesign
I love simple and practical gadgets, that's why I use my iPod Shuffle the most. Designer Kenneth Tay one ups Apple with his Shake MP3 player that utilizes kinetic energy to both charge the player and control the music.

When the hold function is on, shaking the player charges its batteries. When the hold function is off, you can play and pause the music by simply shaking the player.

This design is great for jogging, sports or just taking a walk. It's also perfect to take when you're traveling and wouldn't want to pack a charger. Whenever its battery gets low, just give it a few shakes.

"An electromagnetic coil is connected to the battery, converting kinetic energy into electrical energy that charges the battery," explains Tay. "The player connects to the computer via USB cable through the headphone jack, facilitating the transfer of songs as well as the conventional method of charging."