The SmartKeyboard Offers the World's Thinnest Physical Smartphon Keyboard

 - Sep 7, 2011
References: & dvice
The iPhone may be popular, but there are those who wish that it had a physical keypad on it -- this is where the SmartKeyboard comes into play.

Jing Yang of the eico Motion Lab in China decided to tackle the challenge of incorporating a physical keypad on the iPhone. Yes, there are add-ons on the market, but most are too bulky. The SmartKeyboard is a concept that's supposed to offer users the world's thinnest physical keypad for a mobile phone. The item will have a malleable magnetic surface that attaches itself to the mobile. The benefit is that it slips on and off easily and the keypad actually provides a lot more space in between the keys that makes typing way easier. Hopefully this will come into fruition for those who aren't keen on touchscreens.