Jolan van der Wiel Creates Stools that Defy Logic

 - Oct 8, 2011
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These splashtastic seats are the handiwork of artist Jolan van der Wiel. The Gravity Stools represent an aesthetically pleasing synthesis of magnetic power and gravity. Using colorful plastic material designed specifically for his patented process, Jolan van der Wiel positions the magnetic fields of his Magnetmachine in opposition with each other. After a brief curing process, these mind-bending stools are stable enough to be removed with no adverse affects to their shape.

Jolan van der Wiel's Gravity Stools represent the artist's approach to his craft. He states he sees the "future potential in the joined cooperative forces combining technology with natural phenomena." Embracing the impact of chance in his creative process, Jolan van der Wiel appreciates the organic appearance of his manufactured structures. In nature beauty occurs by chance, Jolan van der Wiel emulates this in order to achieve the astounding range of variety and breath-taking aesthetics in his work.