- Jun 30, 2013
These 3M product innovations have just changed the game for DIY-ers and savvy shoppers everywhere. Whether you're looking for a new way to utilize Post-Its, protect your shoes with Scotchguard or create an entirely new look for said shoes using Scotch Tape, these products and tutorials are an interestingly inventive perspective.

Some artists have taken it to the extreme and created actual sculptures and portraits of the Mona Lisa out of Scotch Tape and Post-Its. The list of products invented by 3M or tricked out with 3M products includes phone cases, laptop skins, shoes, knives, Post-It artworks, bicycling backpacks, stationary, cameras, medical devices and club displays. The creative company has contributed an array of unexpected and fresh ideas.

Check out the whole list of 3M product innovations to find new ways to deck out your technology, footwear or artwork.

From Unbreakable Ad Displays to Vibrantly Capped Footwear: