This Post-It Notes Ad Puts the Reminders Right in Your Face

 - Dec 7, 2012
References: ibelieveinadv
This new Post-It Notes ad from 3M puts the important message right in front of your face, literally.

Even with smartphone apps that can schedule every part of your life for you, the Post-It Note still achieves the in-your-face appeal that a smartphone just can't. How many notifications pop up on your phone every day? Probably dozens. So how do any of them really stand out from the rest? With so many messages and reminders coming to you on the device, it's easy for everything to get jumbled.

But not with Post-It Notes. This Post-It Notes ad shoes us just how hard it is to miss a bright yellow Post-It with an important reminder on it by sticking them right on people's faces. This Post-It Notes ad is as literal as it gets.