3M Invention Projects 50-Inch Diagonal Images

 - Dec 18, 2008
References: 3mmpro & amzn.to
Wish you could take your projector with you on those sales calls in the field, but don’t have a 10,000 foot extension cord? No worries. 3M not only solved this heart-wrenching problem, but also proved themselves to be the leader in micro-technology. The MPro110 by 3M is the world’s first micro-projector that can project 10 inch images in a bright room and 50 inch diagonal images in a dark room.

Digital cameras, cellphones, and laptops will be able to take full advantage of its powerful capabilities proving this micro-projector to be highly compatible with present technology. The robustness of the design is very impressive as well. The MPro110 only weighs 5.4 ounces and fits neatly in your hand. The unit uses a one-watt LED bulb which is all the lamp’s projector needs to project a quality VGA image.

Many other companies tried to create a similar device. Unfortunately for them, they approached the problem from an angle of taking present technology, and simply shrinking it down. Those companies found it rather difficult to shrink down a laser and still keep its potency. 3M went a totally different route. Their secret? Molded prisms. Actually, molded prisms with rounded edges, to be exact.  That was the big change that made it possible to get good image quality out of a device that is about the size of a long Naugahyde wallet. Priced around $365, the MPro110 is definitely priced just right for the marketeer on a tight budget.