The ISGLOVES Touchscreen Compatible Mittens are Toasty Warm

 - Apr 16, 2012
References: fiett & gizmag
The ISGLOVES touchscreen-compatiable mittens allow tech geeks to stay on top of things without having their fingers freeze off.

While there are a few styles of gloves on the market that allow users to keep their digits warm while hammering away on a smartphone or tablet, they are usually not made for braving super-cold temperatures.

Fun in Ecological Tech Textile (or FiETT) created a pair of sub-zero friendly mittens that fold back to reveal fingered gloves that are able to interact effectively with touchscreen technology. The company operates out of Sweden and produces eco-friendly goods.

The outer mitten layer is made from recycled polyester and 3M Thinsulate microfibers for keeping hands warm while the inner layer is composed of sustainably-grown bamboo fiber that keeps germs and allergies at bay while protecting against palm and finger perspiration.