The Car Audio Deck Makes Listening to Tunes While Driving More Convenient

 - Apr 2, 2012
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The Car Audio Deck turns any iPhone or iPod into a sleek, mountable, easy-to-use music player to use on the road.

Created by Sydney-based entrepreneur Craig Barber, the app makes listening to tunes from a smartphone or audio device a more seamless experience. While many companies have been incorporating the smartphone into the traditional audio deck of a vehicle, Barber's app does the reverse. Many built-in audio players on smartphones and music players are effective while they being held, but are difficult to maneuver easily when driving.

The Car Audio Deck features a bright LCD display, silver volume knobs, two interchangeable face plates, multiple settings for customized listening, pause, next and previous track buttons and a volume dial that cranks up to 11 -- for maximum road trip rock-outs. The app makes blaring tunes while cruising down the street a little bit easier and a little bit louder.