- Jan 17, 2013
Top sports trends in 2012 included glow-in-the-dark additions to bikes for increased safety, as well as supercharged automobiles.

Many sports companies also developed certain tech products to help consumers with motivation. For example, the Nike FuelBand was designed to keep track of calories burned throughout the day. Instead of simply counting calories while at the gym, the band includes all movements from throughout the day.

With the 2012 Olympics taking place in the summer, many companies created products inspired by this event. These included everything from sneakers to sportswear. Olympians even began a trend of wearing colorful artwork on their bodies by the company Kinesio.

Trend Hunter's Sports Trend Report takes a further look into the various products and ideas that have piqued consumer attention.

From Glow-in-the-Dark Bikes to Closed-Cabin Skidoos: