The Peter Samuels 'Equine Portraiture' Series is Evocative

 - Mar 26, 2012
References: photographyserved
The 'Equine Portraiture' series by Peter Samuels is a truly remarkable collection that adequately captures the intensity inherent in the horse species. Set among barn-like structures, the images feature pale whites and dark browns, and are so detailed that individual wisps of hair may even be counted.

The Samuels Equine Portraiture collection has been compiled for advertising purposes and on behalf of devoted horse owners. As the breed is commonly associated with talent and prowess, it is no wonder that the snapshots are rife with incredibly muscular pedigrees.

As far as implications go, the Equine Portraiture project exhibits the beauty of animals that is frequently cast aside in favor of human depictions. It is clear that in the case of horses, there is just as much, if not more, brilliance to be captured.