- Jan 26, 2014
A horse possesses a whimsical and majestic beauty on its very own but when tied with fashion in an equestrian-themed editorial or spread, its looks are even more mesmerizing.

Equestrian-themed editorials capture fashion and nature in a beautiful and chic harmony untouched by any other editorial theme. In these beautiful spreads, viewers are exposed to intricate fashions as well as a fabulous fairy tale-like essence and playfulness brought on by the presence of the animal. Whether the horse is in its natural element of a western-themed spread or lounging about in a soft hipster pictorial, these editorials still remain classy and all about the fashion no matter the horse's presence and still manage to shine light on its unmatched beauty and incomparable finesse.

Equestrian-themed editorials are a fashion favorite and now a favorite among horseback riders and happy horse enthusiasts.

From Regal Red-Head Editorials to Western Tribal Shoots: