The X9 Nighthawk Bike by Brano Meres is Lightweight and Good-Looking

 - Apr 8, 2012
References: bmeres & dvice
As much as stealth might not be the best for cyclists since they should be visible at all times to pedestrians, drivers and fellow bikers, it cannot be denied that the X9 Nighthawk bike is one hell of a good-looking ride. Inspired by the fighter plane of the same name, the X9 Nighthawk bike uses flat-sided frame components made from an aramid fiber honeycomb wrapped in carbon fiber in place of standard steel tubing.

Designed by Slovak engineer Brano Meres, the X9 Nighthawk bike benefits from these lightweight materials by weighing no more than three pounds. Although not as light as a feather, this bodes well for optimal performance. In addition to that, the sharply edged, all-black aesthetic will have people turning their heads as it zooms right past them.