the RAD e Electric Bike by Kiska is a Pioneering Design

 - Apr 4, 2012
References: kiska & yankodesign
The RAD e, also known as the Opel Boomerang Bike, by Kiska is the first of its kind to adopt a production method similar to auto manufactures. Built out of hollow pressed-steel, the bike is both strong and lightweight. Complete with a 250 Watt electric motor, the RAD e can provide "electrically-assisted range of 60 to 150 kms."

The boomerang design of the frame not only gives the bike a sporty, competitive edge, but it also reduces wind resistance and drag. The contours of the frame cut back the need to continually carry out performance checks on the bike, making the rider more confident and relaxed.

Sleek and cutting-edge, the RAD e by Kiska is a pioneering new concept that will undoubtedly go on to influence the approach towards future electronic bike models.