The 'Rising Cost of Hosting the Olympics' Infographic is Informative

The 'Rising Cost of Hosting the Olympics' infographic shows there is no denying the Olympics are a huge expenditure of both the host country and many other factions. London 2012 is set to be the most expensive Olympics Games in history, with an estimated total of $14.6 American dollars (or 9.3 billion Euros). The gigantic event is going to be the biggest, most expensive yet -- an impressive feat.

Though it is an astronomical budget, the Olympics committee has gotten smarter about estimating the cost. While the London 2012 games are 101% over budget, the 1976 Montreal Games were 796% over budget in comparison. Beijing in 2008, however, was a mere 4% over budget. While the UK is committing a huge economic amount, they are also expected to have a return of a stimulus of $7.9 billion (5 billion in euros). The return is what makes countries all over the world vie for a bid at hosting the Olympics.