Rollerballs are Reinvented Roller Skates That Pivot on a Spherical Center

 - Feb 13, 2012
Aside from the development of rollerblade inline skates, roller skates have undergone few changes over the past couple of generations. Rollerballs do, however, bring another twist into the design of the sporty wheeled sneakers, providing yet another element to attempt to defy friction.

A small sphere has been embedded in the sole of the trundling shoes, actually lifting at least one other wheel from the ground in any given position. So the three tiny tires of these peculiar kicks can only ever touch down just two at a time. The benefit to the Rollerballs design is that it allows the wearer to cut sharper corners. He can carve quite easily, he can glide on his toes and he can even spin around with no interference from the wheels at all.