The Nike Split22 is Designed for Endurance Racers

 - Feb 5, 2012
References: formmeetsfunction & designbuzz
The Nike Split22 is a slimmed-down Camelbak designed for athletes participating in Ultra Marathon Running and Ultra Mountain Bike Trail Racing. These two sports were the newest additions to the 2012 Olympics and are sure to be some of the toughest events at the games. Designer John Whaley created the Nike Split22 as a way to hydrate the athletes participating in these events without slowing them down.

The Nike Split22 slims down the overall design of the Camelbak, turning it into nothing more than a shoulder harness and a water chamber. The chambers are mounted close to the body and one or two can be carried at a time. Keeping long-distance racers safe should be a top priority of the Summer Olympic committee. Here's hoping that the Nike Split22 makes it to the 2016 games as well as the market.