From Sporty Ballerina Shoes to Energy-Generating Fitness Attire

 - Jul 21, 2014
From sporty ballerina shoe to energy-generating fitness attire, these women's workout gear examples are designed to appeal to the female consumer. Focusing on both aesthetics and function, these clothing items and accessories are catered to feminine athletes who are searching for both performance and style when it comes to their fitness attire.

Standouts from this list of women's workout gear examples include Nike's studio wrap sneakers that are light-weight and stylish. Resembling a traditional ballerina shoe, these high-tech kicks are perfect for yoga buffs and dancers who need an equal balance of freedom and support.

Another notable example is Etsy seller iGlow's running gear that is inspired by various Disney Princess characters. These workout outfits are practical and comfortable while paying homage to one's favourite childhood characters.