'The Four Horseman of the Oesophagus' Focuses on an Odd Pairing

 - Sep 4, 2012
References: jellymongers & itsnicethat
'The Four Horseman of the Oesophagus' is an odd photo series, to say the least. It pairs bodybuilders with classic fast food meals including fried chicken, soda pop and cheese burgers. Although this can be taken as a series about what bodybuilder eat to bulk up, those who understand the art of sculpting one's body will immediately call out this misrepresentation. In any event, that is not the case at all.

Created by Bompas & Parr in collaboration with photographer Rebecca Andrews, The Four Horseman of the Oesophagus photo series can instead be considered a project about the exploitation of modern society's two biggest obsessions: body consciousness and convenience. Nevertheless, it is more of a reflection on people's relationship with food for the Avant/Garde Diareis Mercedes Drive-thru.