The Aris Sport Bladerunner Can Behave Like a Snowboard

 - Jan 12, 2012
References: arissport & technewsdaily
If you're a skateboarder, you know that it's impossible to "carve" the streets the way a snowboarder carves snow and a surfer carves water. Giving skateboarders the ability to do so is the Aris Sport Bladerunner, a new skateboard design that features special wheels to allow skateboarders to turn in ways that they could not before.

To allow for this, the Aris Sport Bladerunner is designed with conical wheels. While other skateboard designers may have already tried to make skateboards that can do things snowboards can, according to TechNewsDaily, the design of the Bladerunner is actually simpler then these previous attempts.

The Aris Sport Bladerunner is not yet available, but the company plans for the board to be retail at less than $200 USD.