From Movie Star Skateboard Art To Poetic Boards

 - Nov 16, 2012
People who skate will tell you that it's not a sport and that it's a lifestyle, which is why skateboard art get so much attention as a canvas for expression.

Skateboard decks are often personalized to reflect a skater’s individuality and creativity. The board is a symbol of the rider’s spirit. So it makes sense that this high-flying canvas would be the base for so much cool art and design.

We’ve seen pop culture-inspired skateboard art featuring names like Kate Moss and Jimmy Hendrix. These functional art pieces have also been pimped out with cartoon characters, graphic art pieces and even lines of poetry. Even social issues like AIDS prevention have made their way onto skateboard decks.

Whatever the message, image or aesthetic, skateboard decks are an increasingly attractive canvas for those looking to create a piece of art that is youthfully relevant.