'TheSeventhLetter' for ZOOYORK Presents Seven Sick Graffiti Decks

TheSeventhLetter for ZOOYORK has created seven custom skate decks that feature street art on the bottom of the board. RIME, the artist who designed all the graffiti, uses bold neon colors and swirling letters that make his artwork stand out.

The bold 3D font and bursting bright colors really jump out at onlookers. RIME will sometimes turn his letters into creatures that helps give life to his spray-art. Another deck features a massive worm crawling through the letters and popping out to exclaim, "YO!"

TheSeventhLetter for ZOOYORK has presented some masterful boards that will add flair to any kick flip. If you like street art and street cruising, pick up one of these custom decks and start carving.