From Galactic Warrior Skateboards to Muscle Car Skateboards

 - Mar 19, 2013
The skateboarding culture is one that exists amongst youths and teenagers alike, and personalizing your board to reflect your personality is a big deal, which is why these wacky skateboard designs showcase how far some people will go to make their boards stand out from the crowd.

Skateboarding is a fun and energetic activity, it also tends to become a kind of social hangout where friends get together to cruise down the road or in a skatepark. It's often the case that the more out-of-the-ordinary design you have on your board the more recognition you'll receive, and these stunningly eye-catching designs will no doubt catch your friend's attention. Featuring boards that glow-in-the-dark to ones that showcase iconic Television shows, these wacky design are the perfect way to add some eclectic touches to an otherwise plain piece of equipment.