This Skate Study House Chair is Made from Old Skateboard Decks

 - Dec 16, 2012
References: skatestudyhouse & upcyclethat
The fetching design of this Eames-esque chair has more to it than meets the eye as the Skate Study House seat is made entirely from recycled skateboard decks.

The chair features an ergonomic design that is made of a base of skateboard decks that have been salvaged from discarded boards. The company is notorious for creating eye-catching designs that are not only strikingly innovative, but also eco-friendly, which is why it often utilizes discarded items and repurposes them into epic home decor items.

As mentioned above, the skateboard chair is loosely based on the famed Eames chair that has held a strong fan base since its release back in the 70s. The Skate Study House-designed chair comes with a footstool, so when you get home from work or from carving up the curb you can relax in style.